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Tarot Reading

Find gentle guidance through a Tarot Reading

Reading Tarot cards can be playful or profound depending on the questioner’s ability to receive. The cards are a tool, which give clarity, insight and a new perspective to your life’s path.

A bit of history​

The Tarot has been in existence for thousands of years. The first known use of the Tarot in the west was in the Middle Ages. During those turbulent times, the imagery of the Tarot was used as a code in transmitting the teachings of the Medieval Mystery Schools.

Over time Tarot has been used in many ways. Just as we use a mirror to observe our exterior, we can use the images of the Tarot to approach our inner quality.

When having a Tarot Card Reading

You see your inner from different perspectives like an “Adventurous Exploration”,

and you can ask the cards what you like, although it is in fact a tool for exposing what you already know.

Come and enjoy the journey a Tarot card reading can give you, it is fun.

The Tarot is a tool that can be used for orientating one-self on the path towards greater awareness. It is a journey of discovery, Tarot means above all subjectivity and readiness to be touched.

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